New Links

I’m in a kind of rut lately…so even though I haven’t had much time I’ve done a little surfing and added some new links, hoping to get inspired. Luckily it worked! Check out Russ Mills, art 21, Rose Candela, Process Recess, Andrew Fansler, Dustin Spagnola, and the others I’ve added to my list…

I’ll try to get to work now and do something useful and interesting. Will be making some paper this weekend out of dryer lint that I’ve been collecting for six months now. We’ll see how that turns out and what I can do with it…

And next weekend (the 15th) is the reception for a museum show I’m in so that will be encouraging :)


One thought on “New Links

  1. thank you so much sarah. i appreciate your kind feedback towards my artwork and writing. its nice that you enjoy my awesome friends art too!! i update my sites frequently, so stay tuned…best of luck to you in your upcoming shows, and with all your art projects! gratitude!!

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