What I’ve been up to, other than going insane…

Some older work of mine I like to look at once in a while: Storm Two
8″ x 10″ Monotype

I know I haven’t been posting much of my art lately, but I’ve been really busy/crazy lately. I think it’s a combination of stress and the weather (I live in northern Wisconsin)–I really, really need sunny warmer weather!

But I’m working on a copperplate etching that is almost done and I’ve been making my own paper out of onions and thistles, and binding some books. Onions and thistles you say? Yes, you can make paper yourself out of almost any plant matter–I would recommend the cheap but awesome book The Art of Papermaking.

Also I’ve been doing a bunch of jewelry and redecorating my kid’s bedrooms. Plus nobody is sending me any Mail art right now–I must be in a slump! I owe a few people Mail art back so I’ll be doing that asap, along with some magnets, and then I’m sure I’ll get a bunch of Mail art back again. Maybe I should start posting the Mail art I create and send to people?

I’m also adding more artists onto The Emergence Project website. And of course I have about 10,000 other things on my plate as well…

So what gets me through the day? What inspires me?

Well I just bought a Steve Keene painting–and you should too!

I’m reading Microstories!

I’m making lampshades!

Reading blogs like Sweet Sassafras!

Generating Fairy Tales!

Money Oragami!

Rearranging poetry at the Detrave Hangout!

I’ve been Booch Mooching!

And for all those crappy records you find at garage sales…new life!

Now that I gave you a bunch of links to use up a bunch of your time, try not to neglect what you are currently doing, like I am right now. Hey, everybody needs a break–you might as well be doing something cool with your time! Like blogging…


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to, other than going insane…

  1. I saw you added my blog to your blog roll, thank you. I have added yours to mine. I enjoyed checking in with your blog and your links. I have been collecting old cd’s and records to paint on for the free art fridays, so it is fun to see what everyone does with them.
    all the best jafabrit

  2. Wow – You’re busy – The wonderful thing about art blogging is that I get to check out other peoples favorites and maybe make a new connection. So much better than TV. Thank you for the suggestions.

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