Mail Art Exhibition

A little announcement: I have the dates for the Mail Art Exhibition that I will be curating in the 407 Gallery at the UW-Green Bay. It will be held between 10/27 – 11/1 of 2008. Which means that this summer I will be focusing on Mail Art, especially 3-D pieces for the show. So if you want to be in this show, send me some Mail art, and I’ll send you something back! And if you are lucky and I really love what you send you will get my hand-bound zine!!!

Also with your entry, let me know if you would be interested in sharing your address with a select group of other artists who want to get into Mail art. Thanks!

Mail entries to Sarah Elizabeth Condon
1717 Alfred Drive
Luxemburg, WI 54217

3 thoughts on “Mail Art Exhibition

  1. Sounds like you have a nice opportunity to curate this mail art show. I know I can be a bit dense at times, but what constitutes 3-D mail art – or is this the challenge?

  2. It’s a challenge of course! :) I just need things I can hang from the ceiling, or put on a pedestal, etc…rather than everything just being hung on the wall. However, for many of the postcards I’m going to sandwich them between 2 huge plexiglass should be interesting. i’ll take pics of the show :)

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