"Art…as a way of intervening in the world…"

I really want to start getting connected with more artists in my area. It has been wonderful to meet so many artists throughout the United States, and all over the world via the internet and my websites, but Wisconsin is my home and I want to be more involved in the art community here. I love face to face connections, after I have discovered that despite my fears of talking to people, that I’m actually not bad at expressing myself verbally.

There are so many wonderful artists, galleries, and organizations in Wisconsin devoted to art. I am lucky to know a handful of people. So anyway, today I was looking into what was going on in Wisconsin and I happened to come across a great article about one of those people I do know…it’s an interesting read. Click here.

This is the professor that I am finishing my BFA in Gallery/Museum Practices with. Am I lucky or what?


2 thoughts on “"Art…as a way of intervening in the world…"

  1. I hope you are not going offline as an art critic, because your art and observations are great. Your link is interesting because if you stroll to my site and check the link to jafabrit you will find that she and others have a similar public bathroom gallery in operation. Art ideas seem to be in the air and groupings or movements seem to form out of thin air.

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