Please Take My Survey

Everybody likes taking a survey, right? Well, maybe not, but I would really like you to take mine! I am trying to officially decide the name of my new art & design gallery, and I would love your input.

Click here to help me out, and I would very much appreciate it! It could be your good deed for the day. Just think of how warm and fuzzy you will feel afterwards!
At any rate, Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Please Take My Survey

  1. Did your survey :) All the best with your gallery and I liked the title you were thinking.

  2. Did the survey and can’t quite see eye to eye with Jafa on this one. Love the thought, context is important. Sounds like you are beginning something that may become very important, both to you and your state. I think when I travel and see state based artists, I get a little bored. Here in CT, it’s all boats and stone fences. Our trip to Canada showed me moose,loons and bears. All well done and I admire the photo-realism some of these artists have accomplished. Still we did see two artists that had pushed the limits. A woman who was sewing fabric on canvas as well as using freehand sewing machine to create landscapes. The other was a man who cut paper so fine as to construct animals better than any taxidermist. Seek out the unusual and the best (like you have shown us in your blog) All my best wishes.

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