Mail Art from Portugal

From AV Combatentes, Portugal

This is one that fell behind my desk. I can’t read the postmark so I’m not sure how long its been laying there. Sorry! I will get something off to Portugal right away.

Also just to let everybody know I am moving. Yay! You can still send me things but after October 1st please direct your mail to:
507 4th Street, Algoma, WI 54201 USA.

And I’ve gotten a few e-mails asking if there is still time to send me Mail Art for my upcoming exhibition. The answer is yes! I would LOVE a few more 3-D pieces–they would really add to the show. 2-D pieces are fine too. As long as I get your work by October 24th we are good to go. It might take me a little while for me to send you something back since I’m uber busy right now, but once things slow down a little I will make it up to you!


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