Design Influences: Shiro Kuramata

‘miss blanche’ 1988
manufacturer ishimaru co., ltd

from Design Boom, “the acrylic and aluminum chair embedded with artificial roses, ‘miss blanche’, inspired by a corsage worn by vivien leigh in ‘a streetcar named desire’. ‘miss blanche’ was created for kagu tokyo designer’s week’ 1988. all kinds of artificial flowers from all over japan were collected, and models were made over and over again to achieve the illusion that the flowers were floating in space. during the final stage of production, the acrylic was laid in its mould and the roses were held in place with tweezers. kuramata reportedly telephoned the factory staff every thirty minutes to say, ‘make sure they float.’

manufactured by cappellini
I’m highly influenced by Shiro Kuramata’s work and his poetic and interesting forms.

Also FYI Design Boom is an amazing website–a wealth of information and inspiration!


One thought on “Design Influences: Shiro Kuramata

  1. That shelf is fantastic!! It would go great in my living room and my son would try and clime it like a tree…fun times…

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