Yael Krakowski and Ring Shows

Artist Yael Krakowski does work reminiscent of the rings she exhibited at the National Ring Show, a traveling exhibition organized by the University of Georgia in the 70’s. I just read an article in Ornament Magazine that introduced me to her work and many other artists that were part of this show. These rings are some of the most amazing I’ve ever seen, for the originality of their design. Too bad I couldn’t find many images online. However, there is an exhibition on right now at the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, GA that follows in the tradition of the National Ring Shows. It ends Nov. 2nd so hurry over if you are in that area. I wish I could go to Georgia right now–it’s getting cold here in Wisconsin!

Interestingly, they have stuck with the original concept of the submission process–where artists send actual rings rather than images of their work for consideration. Some of the original ring artists served as jurors.

I’m really not giving you very much to go on here, so you will just have to trust me. Luckily, they have an exhibition catalog. You’ll just have to buy it and see for yourself. Breathtaking work.

The Ring Shows: Then & Now and Putting the Band Back Together

You can get this 244 page, full color catalog for only $12.00!!! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Artists to check out that make or used to make these rings (some of them now do other artwork that is equally intersting!)

Barbara Cohen
Jamie Jo Fisher
Allyson Bone
Jamie Bennett
Linda Hesh
Janice Kluge

I know it’s a lot of links but these artists really are worth checking out :)


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