Thoughts: on finding possibilites of art


An interesting dynamic has changed my art-making during the past week. My fiance got blindsided by a van and has been in the hospital for the past week–he will be okay but I’ve been practically living in his room. I also have a brand new camera, just a point-and-shoot, a Nikon P80, but I absolutely love it.

Since I’ve been stuck here with nothing but a camera, the only outlet I have had for art is photography. I have never viewed my photos as completed art–either now or in the past, I have always felt the need to add/subtract or in other ways manipulate the photos physically, such as embroider on them, cut them up and rearrange them, etc. That’s just me. During this week I have been thinking more about photography as a way of discovering¬† possibilities of art.

What I mean is, as an artist I am aware that I look at things differently–the mundane becomes a subject, a matter of interest, a possibility for art. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a decent camera to carry around. One of the saddest moments of my life was when I was in Florida when I was 18–I went swimming in the ocean and left my camera in my bag on the sand. When I came back the tide had come up and submerged it. An old couple saved my bag but the camera was ruined, it was a Cannon Rebel EOS, 35 mm. It was new, expensive for me, and devastating. That was almost 9 years ago, and this is the first decent camera I’ve had since.

Now that I am carrying around a camera again–especially with the added pleasure of digital instant gratification–I am looking at the everyday a little deeper–I remember this feeling–and I like it. I think what helps is that I’ve had all this extra time–wandering around a place as static, mundane, and pristine as a hospital–to realize the value in nothing. Some artists use photography as a medium, some as a sketchbook. I think I use it to discover a subject, and to find possibilities of art.

Point: The mundane is suddenly of interest. That’s the direction I’m heading right now.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts: on finding possibilites of art

  1. Oh sweetie, I am SO sorry to hear about that and so relieved to hear he is going to be ok! I can’t imagine who scary that must have been! Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you both!!!

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