Artists of Influence: Sati Zech

Sati Zech–a German artist exploring unique amalgams of historically ritualistic mark-making and 21st Century self-expression.

“The thick, viscous red-hued paint shaped and scrapped upon strips of naked cloth emanates feelings of femaleness: her power and passion, her cycles and repetitions. The layering, the gluing, tearing and sewing all gives rise to the idea of labor specifically woman’s labor, a kind of thoughtful, painstaking never-ending work that manifests itself in tactile visions of strength, beauty, necessity, serendipity.

The objects are very much themselves, independent and unbeholden to any specific tradition, yet they contain the emotional dynamism of Louis Burgeois, the semantic materiality of Joseph Beuys, the subtle tactility of Eva Hesse and the symbolic charge of African art. Both familiar and fresh, Zech’s artworks float between being paintings, drawings and sculptures; they are in a world, literally, of their own making”

Source: Howard Scott Gallery

Also–just came across Joanne Mattera’s Art Blog, a must-see!


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