A Poem for Dada by Jack Spicer

A Poem For Dada: Day At The Place April 1, 1958

by Jack Spicer


The bartender

Has eyes the color of ripe apricots

Easy to please as a cash register he

Enjoys art and good jokes.


Goes the painting


Goes the poem





It is not easy to remember that other people died

besides Dylan Thomas and Charlie Parker

Died looking for beauty in the world of the


This person, that person, this person, that person

died looking for beauty

Even the bartender died


Dante blew his nose

And his nose came off in his hand

Rimbaud broke his throat

Trying to cough

Dada is not funny

It is a serious assault

On art

Because art

Can be enjoyed by the bartender.


The bartender is not the United States

Or the intellectual

Or the bartender

He is every bastard that does not cry

When he reads this poem.

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