New Work: Cycled Thoughts Series

likeCycled Thoughts: Like

I don’t want to be an arbiter of taste, only an enabler. Isn’t it time we started giving people more credit to make up their own minds about art? We don’t need critics. And while people that write about art can be educational, it’s important to be critical of the self-proclaimed critics. In fact, it’s probably best to ignore it all together.

How can you have your own opinion if you buy into other’s? Critics are being replaced by a general awareness of the capabilities of ourselves. How can you, as an artist, create original art, if you care?

This is where my new series comes in, Cycled Thoughts. It’s not about speaking to a mass audience–but getting a response from the select few who might have a response to it. It’s the same reason that I am not interested in selling these works for an exorbinant amount of money. In fact, I’m giving some away to people in the art community who have been there for me during this last hectic year. Others will be sold in my e-commerce shop.

sickCycled Thoughts: Sick

The work is autobiographical, a conglomerate of me. Recycled elements, found objects from my frequent nature hikes, stitching, and brutally honest text. A reflection of my life.

I will be giving one or two away to readers of this blog as well. If you are interested, please e-mail me with the subject line “Cycled Thoughts Giveaway”. Write me a little note, and I will be in touch with the random winners.

hateCycled Thoughts: Hate

To see the entire series, visit my Flickr photostream.

absorbedCycled Thoughts: Absorbed


4 thoughts on “New Work: Cycled Thoughts Series

  1. These are fantastic Sarah! It’s not every day that one encounters artwork that truly resonates. I love reading the thought process which inspires your works :)
    xo Lara

  2. I think that’s a great idea and I enjoy these pieces. Art can be so hard to define and then try to catagorize. Art is art…to you or to me…whoever. Just keep creating!

  3. I’m most interesting in creating original concepts. It’s so hard to do that. Of course artists are always influenced by who has come before, but there is always the possibility to be unique, that is my goal.

    The same thing goes for artists that want to be in galleries. So many are concerned about trying to fit in when really they need to stand out.

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