Met in Person: Kyoung Ae Cho

I’m going to be doing a series of blog posts about people that I’ve actually met in person. As much fun as it is to talk to people on line or on the phone, it’s always more interesting to meet people in person.

Kyoung Ae Cho is a textile artist and arts professor for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her artwork is breathtaking and very influential to me. Click here for the essay I wrote about her work.

detail of Seeded
corn leaves, thread, silk organza
hand stitched
54″ x 120″

The detail in Cho’s work is unbelievable–the patience it would take to pull it off, and the elegant results she achieves.
Visit her website to view more of her amazing work and read her statement.


5 thoughts on “Met in Person: Kyoung Ae Cho

  1. I noticed you were not on my blogroll which is odd because I did have you listed at one time. anyway I have added you.

    I enjoyed visiting Kyoung Ae Cho’s website :)

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