I found these questions on Creating Character (she found them on Something She Wrote, who found them at Serenity Gate, you know how it goes)

Outside my window: Looking out over a rusted red roof, various brick buildings, a very gray and cold sky. A few birds hovering around. Powerlines. Antennas. Dormant, dark trees without leaves.

I am thinking: About how much work I have to do over the next few months. All the obstacles I’ve overcome so far and all the inevitable difficulties in the future. Worrying, but proud of what I’m doing. Obsessing over the gallery.

I am thankful for: My family. Everyone who has ever helped me. My closest friends.

From the kitchen: Last night Brandon made me dinner. It was awesome. I’m thinking of making some muffins right now.

I am wearing: A pretty pinkish shirt my mom sent me randomly in the mail, and (funny) a pair of jeans that mom gave me that are really soft and my fave.

I am creating: Lots of things. Always sketching in my Mole. Still creating the Cycled Thoughts series. Making 2 minis for the Spraygraphic show. And today, Valentines with my stepdaughter.

I am going: to find a truck for Brandon sometime this weekend!

I am hoping: for the world.

I am hearing: Sesame Street songs. Rockin.

Around the house: Never-ending drudgery and comfortable bliss.

One of my favorite things: Von Stiehl Oktoberfest wine.

Plans for the weekend: Finding a truck, cleaning, organizing, moving things around, working on the gallery, working in the studio—the same as always!!


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