New Work: Brave New Topography


brave-new-topography-02Brave New Topography: 2-11-09-02

brave-new-topography-03Brave New Topography: 2-11-09-03

brave-new-topography-09Brave New Topography: 2-11-09-09

brave-new-topography-012Brave New Topography: 2-11-09-12

brave-new-topography-17Brave New Topography: 2-11-09-17

A series of enamel paintings on found plastic tiles, these mini works describe a futuristic landscape, one that you might observe as you look down from the sky during your universal travels via your gyroscopic anti-gravity boots.

Be imaginative in creating your own installation of these works. Choose one, three, ten, or fifty to describe the landscape that you wish to gaze upon. Each original work is approximately 4” x 4”, is signed and titled by the artist on the back, and comes ready to hang.

Only $5 each (plus $2 shipping) Click here to view all that are available.

Or see higher quality photos of them on my Flickr.

3 thoughts on “New Work: Brave New Topography

  1. Thanks! They are really fun to do. I did another set of them today. I also am enjoying selling them for so cheap. Because good art doesn’t have to be expensive!

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