Artist Opportunity: A Book About Death

Whether or not you are an artist into Mail Art, this exhibition opportunity is an interesting one.

A BOOK ABOUT DEATH takes its inspiration from the late, underground American artist Ray Johnson (1927 – 1995). Ray Johnson’s unbound “book” of the same title was mailed to his New York Correspondence School “students” and included pages in his idiosyncratic style that were funny, sad and ironic “one-page essays” on death.  With the A BOOK ABOUT DEATH project, artists are invited to plunge into subject in creating their own pages that score the dramatic final dance of death.

How to Contribute: Produce an artwork about death. Make 500 postcards and mail the package to A BOOK ABOUT DEATH c/o Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery 537 Broadway New York City, New York 10012.  All submissions will be accepted if they arrive in time.  Artists may produce more than one card if they wish.

DEADLINE: Postcards should be in the gallery no later than 5 September 2009.

2. Once images are produced, a light-weight jpg should be e mailed to MATTHEW ROSE, along with the artist’s name and URL (artist web site address) for publication on the blog –  This will allow the organizers to archive the works and artist details. Other artists will also be able to visit the exhibition in progress.

Note: An “official” website is now being created by artist Caterina Verde at the address: A BOOK ABOUT DEATH

The artist is 100 percent responsible for her/his image and card and delivery to the gallery.

FORMAT: Postcards should be at least 4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 cm, but can be any size, but no larger than A4 or 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

To help unify the edition, please include the words “A BOOK ABOUT DEATH” on your printed post cards.
Each artist contribution will be displayed in the Emily Harvey Foundation gallery space in New York. Visitors will be free to take cards and create their own book about death. As the cards are removed, the exhibition will disappear.

For detailed information, visit Matthew Rose’s blog, A Book About Death

And of course I will be contributing as well! This is the main image on my postcard:

three-suicides-monoprintThree Suicides


6 thoughts on “Artist Opportunity: A Book About Death

  1. Thanks for the heads up links. This sounds like an interesting project to participate in, although it may have involve delving into some memories I’d as soon forget. Love your monoprint.

  2. Say that’s wonderful you’ve posted on A BOOK ABOUT DEATH and the exhibition. It’s great to have you and your artist readers contribute. This will be a wonderful project thanks to folks like you.



  3. Your monoprint is amazing! I thought it was a photoshop creation at first :) Stunned. Want to take a printing class now.

  4. Yes I have seen How to Draw a Bunny :) And thanks for the compliments. I actually did this monoprint in an into printmaking class. I love all the different techniques. Now I just need a press in my own studio!!

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