Books: Concrete Hermit

I am drooling over these books

This artist’s book features details of McGinness’ paintings converted to coarse halftones and printed in 4 fluorescent inks: orange, yellow, pink, and green. SIGNED and numbered by the artist in an edition of 2000

“These original drawings are the closest one gets to the original ideas. Whilst inevitably flawed, there is an honesty to them, a directness of thought and execution.” – James Jarvis. Superb collection of black and white drawings, a must for any fan of Jarvis’ characters.

E Pluribus Venom collects a large body of work produced by Shepard Fairey and presented at the Jonathan Levine gallery during his massive exhibition in the summer of 2007. Serving as more than just an exhibition catalog, this book expounds upon themes presented in the show. The title “E Pluribus Venom” which translates “Out of many, poison” is derived from “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many, one) an early motto adopted by the U.S. Government which appears on U.S. currency. The artist’s thesis is that many becoming one, or a loss of power and influence of the individual in favor of homogeny is a symptom of a society in decline.
E Pluribus Venom is comprised of artworks designed to question the symbols and methods of the American machine and American dream and also celebrate those who oppose blind nationalism and war. Some of Fairey’s works use currency motifs or a Norman Rockwell aesthetic to employ the graphic language of the subjects they critique. Other works use a blend of Art Nouveau, hippie, and revolutionary propaganda styles to celebrate subjects advocating peace.

You can find these and many other interesting publications at Concrete Hermit’s website (look around for art, clothing, toys, and accessories as well!


2 thoughts on “Books: Concrete Hermit

  1. I just ordered Words of Wisdom the other day and now you have this great Concrete Hermit link to explore. An artists education is never complete.

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