For X-mas

Sorry to have been neglecting this site lately–I wish I had time to post about these new quilts I’m making–if any of you remember my Cycled Thoughts series, using found objects placed in blister packages–these quilts are a more thought out interpretation of those, sewn together and then quilted — I’m very excited about them and they are probably the largest artwork I’ve ever done. But more on that later….


Right now my family has really been struggling–we are under so much stress and I’ve been feeling very defeated. One thing that has been cheering me up has been making these whimsical Christmas tree ornaments. They are only $12 and can be found at The Eclipse Gallery in Algoma or online here (with free shipping!)


If you live in the Northeast Wisconsin area do try and stop by the gallery — especially since the 50 Artists, 50 States, 50 Mediums show is only running through December 31st–and I think it is a must see :)


One thought on “For X-mas

  1. Sorry to hear you are stressed and feeling defeated :( Hope things improve soon and your art continues to give you joy. Can’t wait to see your quilts :)

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