Process Quilts

I finally had time to take some better (still not the best) photos of my latest textile series, Process Quilts. They are VERY difficult to photograph. The concept started last summer when I was collecting ‘blister packs’ from purchased items because I felt there was something I could do with them art-wise rather than throw them away. So I took another one of my collections, found objects, and started placing them in the blister packs and sewing them onto brown paper. I created several of these which I called “cycled thoughts” (you may remember this if you’ve read this blog for a long time).

During Advanced Textiles class at UWGB last semester (Fall 2009), I decided to create more of these and utilize them as quilt squares for a large, non-traditional quilt series. I had three themes, using my found object collection, broken toys from my kids, and consumer waste. The instructor, ultra fabulous Alison Gates, and the rest of the class were very helpful in critiquing and developing the concept. Here are the results:

Process Quilt: Bought + Broken, 60″ x 38″


Process Quilt: Bought + Spent, 53″ x 45″


Process Quilt: Bought + Found, 52″ x 36″


I used machine stitching and hand stitching on the quilts. I used old blankets for the batting inside, and the backs are sewn-together plastic bags. I tied the quilts with recycled twist-ties.

I also created a small book for my artist statement, comprised of my process (notes) during the time that I was working on this project, which was the material for my statement–the last page being the final version of the statement. The book is hand-bound and the cover is the very first of my original “cycled thoughts” series.

Process Quilts artist statement

I currently have them installed in my home (note: I used velcro, sticking one side onto the work and stapling the other side to the wall so you can use over again, it works awesome), but am going to try and enter them into some shows, so we will see how that goes. Like most artwork, they look better in person, so I hope they can come across in a photograph.

I will continue to work with blister pack/found object materials, but in different ways–working smaller (using the little tiny blister packs from medicine, for example) and working larger (floor sculptures with the large plastic cases from big items). All of the work will then be in a 407 Gallery show at UWGB on April 19-23, 2010, titled Flotsam and Jetsam.

Also, to see all the photos I have, and in better quality, visit my Flickr here.


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