show me the buttons!!

So, some of you know that I am getting married in September–yay!

Since I am a DIY gal, I am making lots of things for the wedding myself. My dress is a big project–my best friend Steph did the alterations, and then I am making an embroidered sash, and decorating the bodice with all sorts of white buttons (I have to credit Steph with that amazing idea) !!! Originally the dress had sequined flowers on the bodice which is definitely NOT me. So….with buttons in our heads, we thought the theme needed to keep going, as I am a textile geek and such….so we are going to use buttons on like everything…favors, centerpieces, etc. etc…..there may be a button tattoo involved….

The point is I need more buttons….my supply has been slowly dwindling over the past few months, so I need your help. If you have any buttons you could spare–any color, size, shape…even the dirty ones….I would really appreciate it! You can bring or mail them to me–Sarah Condon–507 4th St. Algoma, WI 54201 and in return, I will send you a snazzy piece of my own original mail art and your buttons will forever hold a place in my heart.



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