art nowhere mag

I just realized that a project I conceived of in January is now coming together in December. Well, I guess with the year that I’ve had that doesn’t surprise me!

The project is Art Nowhere Magazine, a print publication that I aim to have out in the Winter 2011.

adam koenig

The publication will explore art that falls outside of the mainstream. Art, writing, design, craft, performance, etc. that isn’t covered by the major publications and websites. You will find the different and truly unique, not the same old trendy thing.

Our goal is to break stereotypes about the arts, notably the location issue (i.e. If  you don’t live and/or are not showing in a major metropolitan area, you are not an important artist).

This magazine will be a must read for those interested in what’s happening right now under the radar in contemporary art.

We will be posting content on the Art Nowhere website, so check back, bookmark it, and subscribe to our feed to be the first to join in on the conversation. Also stay updated on Facebook.

We are accepting submissions from artists, writers, etc. Click here for more info.

If you have an arts opportunity such as a “call for artists”, e-mail me at and we will publish it in our Opportunities section for free.

We will be picking and choosing a few, select advertisers for the magazine. One of our goals is to make our advertising opportunities for artists and arts organizations affordable. We have a basic listing available for artists for only $5 per issue. See all the advertising options here.

So, artist friends, let me know if you have a contribution to make–could be an image, poem, essay, etc. All contributors get a free copy of the magazine and a link on the website. Email me at

The only way that the arts we love can survive is by supporting them. This means buying handmade, going to local art shows/performances, and supporting independent publications like this one, among other things.



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