Etsy Wednesday

Yes–I think I’m going to start doing an Etsy Wednesday post. I can’t help but be obsessed with that glorious site. I did a treasury last night about Wishbones — over Thanksgiving I tried to find the wishbone in the turkey — got my kids all hyped up for it — and then I never found it (I made soup w/the carcass and everything!) So when I randomly saw a wishbone item on Etsy I thought I would search deeper — never expected to find so many things — and never thought wishbones could be so beautiful. I did the treasury last night and it already has over 1,300 views, so check it out!

Make a Wish by Lucky Bluebird Art


Wishbone Pin by carlygk



Set of 3 Wishbone bowls by mquanWARE



View the entire treasury here


I’m always finding so many interesting things it just blows my mind. Also worth a look is the other Etsy treasury I just curated, unique art prints for your walls that I’ve had on my favorite list for awhile, along with some new finds. These are the kinds of things I do instead of watching TV :)  I’m glad to see that so many professional artists, makers, and designers have Etsy shops now. It’s such a great platform for reaching a large audience who are already in tune with the whole buy handmade mindset.

We will conquer the world!

One thought on “Etsy Wednesday

  1. I think Etsy Wednesday is a lovely idea! Sorry to hear you couldn’t find your wishbone … it’s always a HUGE ordeal in our house as my family are Irish and incredibly superstitious. Nobody eats until it’s been found and pulled ;)


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