Evidence of Difference Day 8

Old Photo and Love Letter Found in Wall (1-8-11)


So, along with today’s post, I have to share the story of this photo and letter. My husband Brandon found these by accident when he looked up and saw a crack in the wall, and the corner of something sticking out of it. First he pulled out the photo, which was taken in the barber shop that used to occupy part of the space that is now our gallery. Then he looked a little deeper and pulled out this old love letter. We figure these are circa 1970s (and funny enough, we were listening to Barry White at the time, no joke). The letter is personal, and not complete, but I’m going to share it anyway because it’s interesting. Mick was the owner of the barber shop.


Dear Mick,

Just have to write you a note. Thanks heaps for a fantastic weekend. I’ll never forget it. You have got to be the greatest guy on earth. I mean this with all my heart. Your compliments, tenderness, love, love making, kisses, and just holding me were the greatest. Your smiles just make me melt. Just writing this to you gives me those butterflies again that I had when I met you in the bar that nite. Don’t worry about the cost of that phone call to you, just talking to you means all the money in the world. I just couldn’t sleep last nite. I kept worrying about you. Wish I could have been there to wipe your face and shoulder. Just like I used to do to my kids – kiss their owies . Another reason I couldn’t sleep was that I kept waking up reaching for you. After sleeping in someone you love arms for 2 nites is hard. Man do I miss you. This letter has got to be the most mixed up one you’ll ever get. I just can’t get my brain straight. I feel ill all over and just shakey. I’m not sick but its from missing you so much. How I wish right now I was in your arms. You said yesterday in bed my right arm was shaking, it’s shaking harder right now. Remember yesterday when we looked in that magazine in the bar about sex. It said everytime you make love you burn up 200 calories! You know what, I weighed myself this morning and I lost 4 pounds this weekend! If we could have been together a few more days I would have….

Unfortunately, the rest of the letter is lost.




Evidence of Difference is a series of 365 daily posts about what I do or see or think or create every day that contributes to difference in this world. Being normal is scary. This is proof that I’m not. Visit the Evidence of Difference category to see all posts, and read the complete artist statement on my website.

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