New Space, New Direction

So originally I was just going to open a semi-private art studio on the 2nd floor of our building downtown — and I’m still going to do that — but as my husband knows me so well and knows how much I love creating art spaces he finally convinced me that I should open another storefront. And he’s right — that’s exactly what I need and what I’m good at.

What I learned from Eclipse was that I need help. I will be hiring employees for sure. Doing it all on your own is too stressful and also left me no time to focus on what matters most to me — my kids and my artwork.


My new space, Pinky’s Boutique, will be a little bit of everything I love. Art studio, gallery, shop filled with handmade goods and vintage finds, a kid’s art area, workshops and classes….and eventually a garden art area overlooking the Rock River, a small coffee shop, and hell even a wine cellar are in the long term plans. I also want to paint a mural on the side of the building.

But it will start slowly, modestly….I’m not good at baby steps but you have to take them.

My goal is to be open by November but sometimes things take longer than you wish them to.

Please follow my new Facebook page for updates about the new space!




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