Long Term Goals

Rummaging through the boxes of ephemera as I’m setting up my new studio space, I came across a list of my long term goals from about 8 years ago. I was surprised to find that I had accomplished all of them, with the exception of “World Travel”, which I have done exactly zero of. But I did have another baby, and that was not on the list.

I got married, I went to college, I opened an art gallery, I exhibited my art work…

I am definitely at another turning point in my life, setting up a new gallery/shop and studio space — there are many transitions happening…

Time to set some long term goals again. I think 7-10 years is a good mark for the following:

1. Move out into the country and build a dome home.

2. Invest in solar and wind power, get off the grid.

3. Live as self-sustaining and eco-friendly as possible.

4. Overcome my depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

5. Grow our property business, don’t worry about money. Make smart yet ethical investments.

6. Continue to expand Pinky’s Boutique with new artists and programming benefiting the community.

7. Build a museum-quality body of artwork.

8. Give more. Volunteer more.

9. Spend more time with my family. Enjoy life!



Really, I already have everything I need and I cannot express how grateful I am for everything in my life. But I am definitely one of those people that will not settle, that will always be searching for ways to learn, searching deep….


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