current brainstate

The thoughts in my brain feel like the little ball bouncing around in a pinball machine. I bounce around everyday from action to action such as — get my kids to school, then inventory, then email, project with the 2.5 yr old, then stitching, list an item for sale online, talk to a customer in the shop, change a diaper, clean, eat when I remember, read something, cook something, make something….all the time thinking and thinking and it can feel like I never have the time to just sit down and focus on one thing. Or even think about one thing for as long as I would like to. I possibly miss college and having that kid free time to sit in a library or quiet studio. I’m trying so hard to create a place and a life but this takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. And when you’re a perfectionist than you have these little panic moments of despair. The bottom line — I’m trying to focus more on making the best art possible. And yes making and selling other things factor in there too because my kids need to eat but really this doesn’t take anything away from the real art, now does it.

DSC_0142in progress — Oshun Ibu Yumu

So what happens is things/places/people keep coming up in my head over and over and I feel that these things must be the most important and deserve special attention.

Like Rick Beerhorst for example. Go read this and listen to this all you artists out there and you will be glad you did.

Now, I’m going to go do a kid’s thanksgiving craft workshop…


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