New new newness and getting back to the old

Saying that I have been busy over the past few months is an understatement. Since June I have been gathering, transforming, creating, and organizing a new space for my art life — Pinky’s Boutique. I look at it as a cabinet of curiosities and most importantly, a work in progress. The concept behind the space is first of all, an art studio for my personal work.

But I’m a hoarder, and I love to go thrifting and collect a bunch of cool, random, old stuff — so there is a bunch of that there too. For sale, of course, so I can keep collecting! I have a lot of vintage linens and clothing and sewing notions and things like that, surprise surprise.

So then another part of the space is the gallery. Curating is an important aspect of my professional life, and I have to keep that fire lit. The gallery portion of the space is similar to Eclipse, except that instead of curating group shows I am going to have a featured artist area and rotate that every month or two. The rest of the gallery space will have a variety of art and handmade goods — ceramics, blown glass, handmade accessories, jewelry, quilts, cards, wall art, housewares, etc.


So I just opened last Friday and it has been really fun so far. I’ve been slowly meeting like-minded people in Janesville and have been getting a good response to the new shop so far. I’m planning on having a lot of events and activities to keep it rolling. Our first event is an artist reception for our first featured artist, Kim Geiser. So if you are in or near Janesville, join us on Saturday, November 16, from 4pm – 8pm for a fun night of art & refreshments. We also have an Artist Trading Card making station and a Wish Tree.

free to be meFree to be Me by Kim Geiser

We also have a free kid’s art area, our Imagination Station, which is open when the shop is open — and then every Friday night from 4-6 we are going to do a more involved project, like get out the paint, beads, paper mache, etc. or plan a special activity.

So this is all the new new newness…but I have to be honest and say that I am most excited about getting back to the old.

It has been such a long time since I have been able to just sit and stitch –I am looking forward to a long winter filled with ART MAKING and cozy talk with old and new friends alike. Oh yeah and snuggling my new nephew who should be arriving shortly! yay!


Curating: The Milkweed Project & Other Flawless Fibers

I’m in love with my current show at The Eclipse Gallery, if I do say so myself. Fiber art is near and dear to my heart, thanks to Alison Gates, who was my textiles professor in college at UWGB. She really introduced me to the whole craft as art concept and taught me how to knit, felt, and weave, among other things! I am so excited to now have three pieces by Alison in this exhibition. I think her work is so interesting. You can also find her work right now in The American Dream: A Juxtaposition, at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.


Alison Gates, Neither Created Nor Destroyed

So as I was taking these textile/fiber classes in college, I was also working at the Lawton Gallery at UWGB as part of my Gallery/Museum Practices major — and what exhibition did I help install but Craftivism: Reclaiming Craft & Creating Community, which was guest curated by Faythe Levine. Needless to say that show heightened my awareness of the growing DIY/Indie Craft culture and inspired me even more to explore the intersection between art, craft, and handmade design.

Last year I was contacted by Shan Bryan-Hansen, who told me about her Milkweed Project and I was blown away. I had already curated shows that included collaborative, fiber-based art installations by Jennifer Marsh, so I was excited to see that an area artist/curator was working on a similar type of project. The result is beautiful! Over 100 artists from over 30 countries contributed to this artwork. Image below:

Another artist that I had wanted to include in an exhibition for awhile was Jennifer Hunold. Her embroidery style is unique and fresh. Make sure to check out her Be Nice project, where she prints her embroidery pieces into pamphlets that are distributed. The below piece is included in this exhibition and is part of her newest Be Nice series – Guide to Farting and Pooping.


Other artists in the show are Mindy Sue Wittock, Kari Hinrichs, Chris Vuco, Julie Guilette, Stephanie Gritzmaker, Vicki Brower, and Pat Fitzpatrick.

This show runs though February 28, so if you are in the Northeast Wisconsin area, make sure to stop by, check out the show, and say hello! Directions and hours can be found on the gallery’s website.

View all the photos of this exhibition on my Flickr.


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