6 years

12/12 was my 6 year anniversary blogging here on Visual Influence! It seems unreal to me how much has happened since then and how much I’ve learned. Going from starting an art blog when I was in college about art, images, thoughts, etc. that influenced me — on through to some amazing experiences, a lot of ups and downs, and heck I even brought a new human being into this world. She will be 3 in April. Time really goes by too fast. So precious.

But what I want to do now is re-cap 2013. Let me just say that it was a bi-polar kind of year. The first 6 months I was in some sort of deadlock. Completely blocked. I couldn’t make art…I don’t know what I was doing. Lots of struggle….nothing would come together. I usually don’t stay “down” for that long so it was hard. I was starting to work on my new studio space but wasn’t sure about it….

THEN! The opportunity came up to do it all. Not only a studio, why, let’s open a storefront too. Let’s make it everything about everything you want it to be. Okay!

That was in July — I started putting it all together and I was in GO MODE.

On November 1st I opened Pinky’s Boutique. Studio, gallery, shop, cabinet of curiosities….it is what it is and you just have to come in and see. I’m there! We have a zillion projects going on at once and some amazing art and handmade goods for sale. It’s a bit dirty. I should probably vacuum. I have some vintage and antiques thrown in the mix. Interesting….

Now toward the end of the year I always get a bit depressed because I’m a raging perfectionist and I tend to think about all of the things I DIDN’T do compared to what I’ve ACCOMPLISHED. I didn’t make much notable art this year — although I came up with a great concept for a series — INHABIT A CLOUD.

Here’s the statement for you art world folks:

Inhabit a Cloud is a series of imagined portraits of ancient goddess-legends and dwelling places. The imagery is created intuitively as I embroider, slowly, by hand. A search for identity developing from myth. Ultimately revealing Self as I navigate the network of feminine power, searching for belonging and place. I don’t question. I follow the line where it leads – stitching a primordial connection.

And the actual work:

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Yes you might have seen a couple of those pieces before. But they make so much more SENSE as part of this series. The two portraits are the only NEW real embroideries I’ve done this year. The entire year! WTF?

So obviously my New Years resolution is to STITCH FOR SERIOUS more. I have a few things coming up, which is great. I need the pressure.

What comes first, the idea or the stitching? I’m not quite sure and I hope I never figure it out. Spontaneity is my BFF.

Happy 2014 everybody!