Intuitive Embroidery and plans for the New Year

My method of embroidery has always been very intuitive and art-based. Over the past 3+ years I’ve found that my best work happens when I start to stitch without a plan, and let the line guide me. Since the process of stitching is slow, I have time to develop the composition as I go. I also have a lot of time to think while I’m stitching, and my internal dialogue is quite noisy and my imagination quite vivid. I think it’s time to write about my process of intuitive embroidery and publish a zine or two.


Along with the zine I’m going to start a line of my own hand-dyed embroidery threads. Ranging from your regular floss to specialty silk and handspun wool. My dream is to get good enough to spin lace-weight and hand-dye the threads with handmade natural dyes. I would love to create embroideries from entirely handmade, natural materials. I also want to experiment with making my own paper/fabric — something that could be easily stitched upon. Super jealous of my alma mater’s Flax Project and Medieval dye garden! BUT — we are creating a garden space at Pinky’s in the Spring and it will definitely include lots of plants to be used for dye purposes! Luckily, my dad has a ton of native plants in his prairie restoration that we can transplant! So excited for spring!

Another thing I want to start in 2014 is creating my own embroidery patterns! Then I can put together embroidery kits that include zines, my hand dyed floss and fabric, and my original patterns. I will also teach embroidery classes at Pinky’s and will be open to teaching workshops elsewhere.

Things to look forward to in 2014…..