Do you ATC?

Artist Trading Cards were something I didn’t really get into too much back when I was doing more Mail Art — but now that I have the new space and some more time I want to get back into trading mail art and I’ve made some ATCs and other things to mail off soon!


Also at Pinky’s right now, we have an Artist Trading Card making/trading station — some if you are in Janesville make sure to come in, make an ATC and trade with one of mine! Free art! (((ooohhh that reminds me, I need to start making some FREE ART FRIDAY things again to set out and about every Friday!)))



And if you are a mail artist from my past or a new mail art friend, send me some Mail Art to Sarah Hemm – 123 N. Main St. – Janesville, WI 53545
And I will send you something back! Yay!


Art Collected 2010 – Part Four

As I was saying in Part Three, you can collect art without a huge budget. Along with that, you can also collect art without any money exchange at all. I’ve actually acquired some great pieces this way over the last few years. Here are a few ways to go about this:

Be really nice to your artist friends

Okay, you’re not going to build up a vast, intense collection just by waiting around for gifts, but this year my lovely friend Brittany Peterson gave me a beautiful blown glass ball that she created, and it’s a great addition to my art collection. So remember to appreciate any art gifts you receive!

Trade Art

If you are an artist or maker yourself, trading work is also a fun collecting option! Talk to your artist friends and see who would be interested in swapping art. Or even if you’re not an artist, there is bound to be something that one of your artist friends wants and that you could give them/do for them in exchange for an artwork. I know I would definitely give up one of my paintings for someone to come in and help me paint a room or something.

Here’s a piece my friend Tashana Kjelland traded for a zine and some mail art I sent her:

Mail Art

When I first started feeling the acute desire to fill my home with artwork, I didn’t have any money whatsoever and so I got really into Mail Art. If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon, basically you send art in the mail to a participant and then they send you something back. Simple and effective. It’s fun to make, because there is absolutely no pressure, and it’s fun to get something in the mail besides bills. Plus, you’ll be surprised at the quality of work that abounds in the Mail Art community. A great place to start is the International Union of Mail Artists (IUOMA) website.

Unfortunately, in 2010 I was too busy to participate with my mail artist friends. This year, I’ve already made something that I’m sending to Jennifer Kosharek for her Utopia/Dystopia exhibition.


Here are some of my favorite collected Mail Art pieces from recent years:

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Read Art Collected 2010 – Part Three (collecting on a budget)

Part Two (documenting/insuring your collection)

and Part One (selected pieces collected in 2010)

Happy Collecting!

show me the buttons!!

So, some of you know that I am getting married in September–yay!

Since I am a DIY gal, I am making lots of things for the wedding myself. My dress is a big project–my best friend Steph did the alterations, and then I am making an embroidered sash, and decorating the bodice with all sorts of white buttons (I have to credit Steph with that amazing idea) !!! Originally the dress had sequined flowers on the bodice which is definitely NOT me. So….with buttons in our heads, we thought the theme needed to keep going, as I am a textile geek and such….so we are going to use buttons on like everything…favors, centerpieces, etc. etc…..there may be a button tattoo involved….

The point is I need more buttons….my supply has been slowly dwindling over the past few months, so I need your help. If you have any buttons you could spare–any color, size, shape…even the dirty ones….I would really appreciate it! You can bring or mail them to me–Sarah Condon–507 4th St. Algoma, WI 54201 and in return, I will send you a snazzy piece of my own original mail art and your buttons will forever hold a place in my heart.


Mail Art: UR Toy Story

Got this postcard in the mail the other day from my Florida friend Jennifer….

and this morning I actually had a little bit of time, kinda, so I decided to actually make some Mail Art! Haven’t done any for a long time so it was pretty awesome!

you can’t really see the stitching but it says “UR Toy Story”

The theme was perfect for me because I am using broken toys a lot in one of my Process Quilts (which I am done with and will be photographing this weekend YAY!!!)

If you would like to be involved in this Mail Art Call, check out Jennifer’s blog :)

MOMA acquires A Book About Death postcards

book about death postcard big
The recent show, A Book About Death, organized by Matthew Rose and exhibited at the Emily Harvey Foundation in NYC proved to be a great success! It was an open call for artists–many of my mail artist friends were involved, and the image above is the front of the postcard that I sent in for the show.

It was really a tribute to Ray Johnson (his original Book About Death), and a “global exploration of death”. Each artist contributed 500 postcards to the show, which created an “unbound Book About Death”. Visitors to the gallery were then able to select some or all of each postcards to create their own book about death.

The reason I claim that this show is a success is because MOMA (New York) just acquired a complete set of postcards from the show! So in a small way, I can say that I’ve been “collected” by MOMA, and that makes life pretty good! I think the artists involved in the show are excited about this–because even though mail art operates mostly outside traditional establishments, isn’t it true that we all want our artwork to be seen, we all have a voice we want heard, and isn’t it nice to be recognized a little?